Child Builder Charity

     Building A Bright Future For Hong Kong!





Child Builder is a registered Hong Kong children's charity committed to identifying and nuturing each child's unique talents through artistic cultural exchange programs. With this, our organization has aimed to assist the enhancement and maximize the creativity, talents and self-esteem of individuals since 2007. Formed by a professional team of celebrity program advisors,  ambassadors, social entrepreneurs,  philanthropists, volunteers, educational psychologists and experts, this charitable organization has vowed to shine a light on those in need, building a brighter future for future generations. 

The vision of Child Builder is to acknowledge differences in order increase self-awareness to enhance youngsters' abilities when facing challenges in different aspects of their lives. 

Due to the fact that Child Builder firmly believes that every child is gifted and worthy of fair opportunities to reach their potential, this organization is dedicated and committed to bringing the best out of every individual child. Each year, Child Builder provides free educational programs to underprivileged or disadvantaged children in Hong Kong.

Furthermore, the organization offers children alternative educational experiences with intercultural exchanges and emotional support. Within the specialized programs, free effective and student-oriented, educational learning is provided to local disadvantaged and underprivileged students in Hong Kong or China.

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