Child Builder Charity

     Building A Bright Future For Hong Kong!






Nurturing Our Children


Supporting Our Schools

  • Free Creative, Linguistic and Artistic training
  • Singing, Dancing, Music and Drama
  • Visual Arts, Speech and Presentation skills
  • Free Educational Seminars and Events


 School Support Services

  • Education Support Services
  • School Based Support Services
  • Teaching Support Services
  • Understanding Adolescent Project (Mentor Scheme)
  • Student Guidance Services (Free Counseling)
  • Volunteer Culture Promotion
  • School Ceremony Production Services


Serving Our Community

  • Free School Seminar for Parents
  • Talk-cum- workshop for the use of filtering software
    control of obscene and indecent articles ordinance
  • Designated Assessment Center for Town Gas (low-income families) 
  • Free Educational Talks and Workshops
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