Child Builder Charity

     Building A Bright Future For Hong Kong!





We guide and nurture gifted children, with an aim to accomplish the following:

  • Identify the strength and talent of each child through different artistic projects and competitions
  • Help them build confidence and self-esteem by acknowledging their own uniqueness
  • Empower them to be optimistic and live a life that is filled with exciting moments and great expectations


Through organizing different learning activities, such as helping the children produce their own concert or artwork exhibits, they build up skills and talents and further develop their potential.



By connecting with kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, we arrange and support children to participate in charitable social services. We teach them to utilize their time and talents to help others, serve and give back to the community. As they realize their problems are small in comparison to some of the real issues in the world, they will learn to appreciate what they have and see the needs of others instead of their own.


We also introduce to the children foreign elites who come to Hong Kong on a regular basis for exchange tours. In recent years, our students have enjoyed exchange visits with schools and performing arts academies worldwide, including the world renowned The Oxford Accapella  from Oxford University, Harvard Din and Tonics from Harvard University, The  Brigham Young University in the U.S., and the Wagga Academy of Performing Arts in Australia. We train them to perform on the same stage with these professionals with the purpose of promoting racial harmony and international friendship.


 All these activities will open their eyes to new ideas, boost their creative thinking skills and broaden their horizons. We teach them to be positive thinkers, and equip them with the confidence and ability to face adversity, so they can stay optimistic and be prepared for the challenges ahead. 

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